This Is the Best Nail Polish Brand to Use If You Have Kids—Here’s Why

Oh, to be a mini nail polish enthusiast. Not only are there nontoxic options, but there’s also one brand, in particular, that offers scented, sparkly, and bright polishes certain to tickle any child’s polish-loving fancy. Enter Piggy Paint Nail Polish. Isn’t the name adorable? Founded by Melanie Hurley in 2008, the mom of two set out to formulate a safer version of nail polishes for her two- and four-year-old daughters. In other words, it’s pretty much the best nail polish choice if a little one is requesting an at-home mani, and it’s really no surprise that little beauty lovers everywhere are adorning their nails with the brand. For starters, the formulas are water-based but still (rather miraculously) dry down to a hard finish that won’t wash or peel off until your little one wants it to. (You will have to follow a few simple instructions, but more on that later.)Additionally, the cruelty-free, vegan polishes are chemical-free, so there’s no traditional nail polish smell. Also, many of the line’s polishes boast signature kid-friendly scents. First things first, wash those hands with soap and water. Next, apply a thin layer of Piggy Paint Basecoat + Topcoat ($5) to ensure a chip-resistant mani and let it air dry. Now, it’s time for the color! Paint on two to three coats of polish, but here’s where things get different… you’ll need a blow-dryer. Blow-dry polished nails for one minute with a hair dryer set on a warm heat/low setting, as warm heat helps harden polish quickly. Lastly, apply a thin layer of Piggy Paint Basecoat + Topcoat ($5) and blow-dry the nails once more to finalize the look. Now that you know how to give your little one a nontoxic mani, here are a few of the best nail polish shades from Piggy Paint. Keep scrolling!Going matte black will match whatever your stylish little one picks out. Because tiny hands are usually busy, ensure you follow up with a coat of base and top coat to ensure the color lasts beyond day one. This scented polish offers a banana fragrance with a bright yellow hue that is great as a base for a smiley face nail design. It’s never too early to show your mini-me how to wear their confidence on their sleeves. Or, in this case, their fingers, with this bright-red hue with a watermelon scent.  Hot pink is always in, especially when it shimmers. Royal blue with glitter brings the sparkly of the sea to your tot’s fingers. We love this polish because it has a special surprise. It might go on clear, but it glows green in the dark! Hence the polish name. A white matte polish is every nail polish lover’s must-have. This water-based top coat is essential for a scratch-resistant mani with a glossy finish. (Or, shiny nails sans color!)Having your grapes and wearing them too? We’re here for it. And we love that this purple hue comes with a grape scent. Who doesn’t love to slay dragons while they slay in style with a sparkly green manicure? Starting the manicure process with this base coat and sealer is a must if you want a chip-free, long-lasting manicure for your toddler. Next: The Only 5 NYC Nail Salons Fashion Girls Love

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